Utah-based online marketplace, meant to empower women’s business, goes dark

Utah-based online marketplace, meant to empower women’s business, goes dark

Jane.com, a popular retail website based in Lehi, promised to revolutionize online shopping and help women business owners thrive. However, the site has reportedly shut down, leaving vendors in the lurch and owing them thousands of dollars.

Former employees of Jane.com have confirmed that the company has ceased operations, leaving vendors who were promised payments for fulfilled orders without their due compensation. Many vendors have taken to social media and other platforms to express their frustration and concern over the situation, with some claiming that the company owes them tens of thousands of dollars.

The closure of Jane.com has raised questions about the future of the small businesses that relied on the platform for sales and visibility. Some vendors have expressed feeling betrayed and worried about the impact on their livelihoods and their ability to fulfill orders for customers.

The company’s leadership has been difficult to contact, and it remains unclear who is currently in charge of Jane.com. Former employees have reported that they were not offered severance after being informed of the company’s closure.

While some vendors have filed reports with the Lehi Police Department, no criminal fraud charges have been pursued. Instead, the police have suggested that vendors seek legal advice or pursue civil complaints.

This developing situation has highlighted the potential risks for small businesses that rely on third-party retail platforms and the importance of financial transparency and accountability within the industry.

Shannon Sollitt is a Report for America corps member covering business accountability and sustainability for The Salt Lake Tribune.

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