Opinion: This Thanksgiving, let Trump’s ‘best people’ do the arguing with your MAGA uncle

Opinion: This Thanksgiving, let Trump’s ‘best people’ do the arguing with your MAGA uncle

A year after Thanksgiving of the previous year, things have shifted dramatically. Democrats and Never Trumpers are left with heartburn while MAGAts are celebrating. Polls show that the former President, despite facing numerous legal issues, is dominating in popularity against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other Republicans, and even stands a chance of surpassing President Biden.

Even though there is a wealth of legal and substantive objections to Trump, it appears that his devoted followers will not be swayed by any of it. In such divisive times, the challenge for anti-Trumpers is to find an effective way to communicate with MAGA devotees at holiday gatherings.

According to Jackie Calmes, a respected national political columnist with years of experience covering the White House and Congress, the best approach is to let the president’s former insiders do the talking. Calmes presents a comprehensive list of criticisms from some of Trump’s highest-ranking appointees. These damning condemnations serve as a powerful tool to counter his loyal disciples.

Historically, no U.S. president has faced such fervent opposition from members of his own inner circle. Former Vice President Mike Pence, ex-Defense Secretary James Mattis, and many others who worked closely with Trump have voiced their harsh criticisms of his character and leadership. These statements are crucial to help understand the complexities of how the Trump administration was perceived up close.

In light of these critiques, it becomes clear that the solid commitment of Trump’s most loyal supporters may be difficult to disrupt. The Thanksgiving table is set with the dilemma of how to engage in a civil discourse with those who hold unwavering support for the former president.

As the nation continues to navigate the complexities of our current political climate, it becomes inevitable for these challenging conversations to take place, respectfully and thoughtfully, even during Thanksgiving gatherings. For those expecting heated political discussions to accompany their turkey dinner, these insights may serve as a valuable resource to engage respectfully and effectively in these discussions.

Additionally, the full article can be found on Jackie Calmes’ Twitter account for further engagement and discussions.

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