Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis, gets into the pickleball game

Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis, gets into the pickleball game

Dale Katechis, the founder of Oskar Blues Brewery and renowned for Dale’s Pale Ale, has a track record of transforming his passions into successful ventures. From his background as a restaurateur, Katechis made the bold move in 2002 to incorporate his love for homebrewing into his business, ultimately propelling Oskar Blues into a major player in the craft brewing industry. This led to the acquisition by Monster Energy in 2022 and the expansion of production facilities across three states.

In addition to his brewing success, Katechis also established a boutique bike manufacturer, REEB Cycles, and ventured into investments including a hobby farm in Boulder County and cannabis companies. Now, his latest passion for pickleball has driven him to open 3rd Shot Pickleball, an indoor club in Longmont along with his business partner, Adam Kahn.

The indoor club will feature five courts, offering coaching, clinics, tournaments, and a bar named the Hidden Pickle, showcasing local craft beer and spirits. Katechis also has plans to incorporate one of his restaurant concepts into the club, drawing inspiration from the success of Oskar Blues’ associated restaurants.

Kahn believes that indoor courts are crucial for the future of pickleball, especially with the rising issues of noise complaints at outdoor courts. The upcoming Wheat Ridge location of 3rd Shot will house 13 indoor courts, catering to the growing demand for the sport.

Looking ahead, Katechis and Kahn envision expanding their co-located courts and restaurants across Colorado and other states, drawing parallels between the sense of community fostered by craft beer and the potential for pickleball to bring people together.

As Katechis continues to diversify his business portfolio, his latest venture into pickleball reflects his ongoing dedication to turning personal passions into successful business endeavors. The opening of 3rd Shot Pickleball marks a new chapter in Katechis’ entrepreneurial journey, leveraging his expertise in creating thriving social hubs.

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