Declutter for cash: How to make money from your cast-offs

Declutter for cash: How to make money from your cast-offs

“Declutter for Cash: How to Make Money from Selling Your Unwanted Items”

Last week, I found myself inexplicably overwhelmed with the urge to declutter and organize. Instead of resisting the impulse as I usually would, I embraced it, realizing that decluttering now would not only create space for new holiday gifts but also provide a way to earn extra cash to offset holiday spending.

As I delved into my overstuffed closets, I unearthed a treasure trove of forgotten items – from uncomfortable shoes to dresses that no longer fit, to gadgets I never bothered to use. The sheer volume of items I had accumulated without even realizing it was staggering.

Days later, I had a substantial pile of clothing, electronics, and household goods ready to be sold. The question now was where to sell them to get the best prices.

Specialized Sites

While CraigsList used to be the go-to platform for selling household items, many sellers now complain of scammers. Fortunately, there are numerous alternative sites that cater to specific categories, from electronics to shoes. Although some of these sites charge fees to sellers, the ease of use and targeted audiences make them well worth the cost.

Selling Clothing and Shoes

The majority of my decluttering haul consisted of clothing and shoes. For lightly used items, Poshmark emerged as the top choice, as it allows sellers to create a “closet” on the site and connect with potential buyers through social media. While there’s no fee to list, Poshmark takes a 20% commission for items selling over $15, which also covers shipping. An alternative option is eBay, although its large number of sellers can make it difficult to stand out.


If you have old electronic devices gathering dust, Swappa is a recommended platform for selling directly to other consumers. ItsWorthMore and TheWhizCells are also popular choices for selling to resellers.

Household Goods

When it comes to selling household goods, the decision to sell locally or to a broader audience should be based on the size and shipping cost of the item. OfferUp is a top choice for local sales, while eBay is recommended for items with a specialized or unique appeal.

In Conclusion

The act of decluttering can not only create a more organized living space but also provide a profitable opportunity to sell unwanted items. By carefully choosing the right platform for each category of goods, you can declutter for cash and potentially earn a significant sum from items you no longer need.

Historic Background:
The concept of decluttering for cash is not a new phenomenon. With the rise of online marketplaces, individuals have found new ways to sell their unwanted belongings for profit. This trend has gained momentum in recent years, especially around the holiday season, as people seek to make space for new gifts and offset the expenses of holiday shopping. From clothing to electronics to household goods, the process of decluttering for cash has become an effective way for individuals to not only rid themselves of excess items but also potentially earn extra income.

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